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Quick And Easy meal plans for busy people who want to be healthy!

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  • Simple Meal Plans
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  • Save Time Planning
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"Meal Plans, Diet Coaching, Private Community... 
It's the easiest and smartest way to stick to your diet! "

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Here's What You Get When You Join Ultimate Meal Plans Today:

  • Meal Plans - Choose from Paleo, AIP, and Keto diets. 100% tailored to you and your tastes. Crafted by expert nutritionists to make sure you get all the nutrients you need to thrive!
  • Expert Diet Coaching - (Optional and always free) Receive on-demand diet coaching from world-class nutritionists. So you'll always have help when you need it.
  • Supportive Community - Get motivated and connect with other amazing people just like you!
  • 7-Day Free Trial - Try it out risk-free for a full 7 days and experience the benefits of dieting the smart way. 

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"I save about 4 hours per week cooking... That's an extra 4 hours I get to spend with my family and doing the things I love." 
- Sarah

Eat Deliciously healthy Food

each recipe takes less than 15 minutes to make

"Make Great Tasting, Diet-Friendly Food - Quickly and Easily!"

How to quickly succeed on Any diet

And avoid all the common mistakes!

The biggest problem that stops people from having success and seeing results on almost every diet is that they're hard to stick with. Everyone says dieting is boring, repetitive, and restrictive... And yeah it can be, but not if you do it the right way.

And the one thing that almost guarantees your success on any diet is when you're following the right plan!

With Ultimate Meal Plans you'll follow a plan created by world-class experts. Making sticking to your diet as easy as paint-by-numbers.

Simply follow the plan, cook delicious meals, and watch as both your health and life quickly improve.

With stress-free grocery shopping, easy-to-cook recipes, and coaching whenever you need it - You now have the short cut to success!

And the best part is, each meal is delicious, takes less than 15 minutes to make, and requires only 5 ingredients...

So not only will you save time cooking, but you'll save money too!

why join Ultimate Meal Plans?

Weekly Meal Plans, One-Click Grocery Shopping, And Easy-To-Cook Recipes...

  • Save You Time And Money - Let our health experts do all your weekly meal planning for you. So you can spend your time doing more of the things you love, and less of the things you hate.
  • Recipes Created By Health Experts - Feel safe knowing your health is in expert hands. With recipes created by world-class nutritionists specifically tailored to help you diet the smart way!
  • Never Stress About What Foods To Buy Every Again - Stress-free grocery shopping. Download your personalised shopping lists so you can buy everything you need from your local store quickly and easily.
  • Direct Access To Your Personal Diet Coach - Quickly get all your diet questions answered with direct 24/7 access to a dedicated coach.
  • Save Time With Online Shopping - We even integrate with online food stores, with one-click add-to-basket shopping lists, so you can quickly and easily order your groceries from the comfort of your own home.
  • Supportive Community - Get motivated and connect with other amazing people just like you!
  • 7-Day Free Trial - Try it out risk-free for a full 7 days and experience the benefits of dieting the easy way. 

access everything from your diet dashboard

  • Meal Plans - Easily access your meal plans from our web app - Anywhere, anytime
  • Shopping Lists - Download and take with you to the store. Or use the one-click add-to-cart button and quickly buy all your ingredients online for stress-free shopping
  • Exclude ingredients - Don't like an ingredient or have allergies? Simply exclude it and you'll never see it again

Other Features Include

Switch Diets (Paleo, AIP, and Keto)
- Adjust Serving Sizes
- Shuffle The Meal Plans

- Select Your Favorite Grocery Store
- Step-By-Step Recipe Instructions
- Macros And Meal Details

"Meal Plans, Diet Coaching, Private Community... 
Ultimate Meal Plans is the easiest and smartest way to diet! "

Real results from real members


Meal Plans have had a tremendous impact on my life. I started the journey mid January weighing in at 203 lbs. Since I have become Paleo and following these plans, I am now weighing in at 155 lbs (July). I feel great, have more energy and am sleeping peacefully through the night! My husband has also noticed the difference and couldn’t be more proud of me.

paleo meal plans success


Life is busy and it’s hard to find time to eat healthy. Meal plans make it easy to stick to a healthy lifestyle and has affected my life immensely. When I first started my weight loss journey, I was 250lbs! I’ve lost over 100 lbs and feel great!

Meal Plans have made it easy for me to spend time doing the things I love because I do not have to spend as much time planning healthy meals for my family.

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"Meal Plans, Diet Coaching, Private Community... 
It's the easiest and smartest way to diet! "